The Sigl Family - Katharina, Herbert, Heidi and Herbert Jun.

Company Premises: On the left warehouse, delivery and manufacture. On the right manufacture, machinery  and administration.

Company Premises in Obertrum am See

Production Hall for Covers in Schalchen

When people who are aware of Nature invest their creativity and imagination into a project, then usually something effective and worthwhile develops. The firm RELAX® Natürlich Wohnen GmbH, situated in a country paradise in the Salzburg Lake District, is a prime example of this.

A company with tradition 

The joinery from which the firm RELAX® developed, was always partial to natural materials and wood. With the founding of RELAX® – Natürlich Wohnen GmbH. in 1990, traditionally- linked solidarity became a true passion for wood and natural materials - with no exceptions. The originative concern produces under patent high-quality RELAX® beds, made completely from natural wood and which are a great success.

Experience as basis for production

"Healthy sleep is becoming more and more important in our present-day society", to quote the owner of the firm, Herbert Sigl senior, a man of long-standing experience. The realisation that natural materials are the best basis for healthy and refreshing sleep was the decisive factor in the development of the RELAX® natural bed systems: "natural materials in harmony with present ergonomic design and orthopaedic aquired knowledge make each RELAX® natural bed system a certainty for natural, refreshing sleep."

Investments for the future

The former joinery has developed over the past twenty years into a modern, inventive and high- performance concern : RELAX® products have an excellent reputation all over Europe. The firm produces on an area of 6.000 m2, situated in the Salzburg Lake District in the middle of impressive, untouched countryside and barely 20 km from the famous Mozart City of Salzburg: - Apart from the main works in Obertrum am See, a further sewing centre for matresses has been built in Uttendorf. „Anyone who was born and bred in these surroundings, can hardly ignore the presence and importance of wood!", - is how Herbert Sigl senior explains his ties with nature.

A growing team within a family firm

30 workers and employees are active in the main works in Obertrum am See: ten well-trained advisors support partner firms in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: RELAX® is on the expansion trail in the european market and fully- equipped for stable growth. Notwithstanding: RELAX® – Natürlich Wohnen GmbH is a healthy, expanding firm, where its founder, Herbert Sigl senior, his wife Katharina, his daughter Heidi and his son Herbert guide the course of developement into the future.